Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: John Hines is perfect for Tacoma

It is not often that a citizen can change Tacoma in important and lasting ways. In the November election, you have that opportunity by voting for John Hines for City Council Position 1.

As his former teacher, I witnessed John’s remarkable intellect, voracious eclectic thirst for knowledge, incredible memory and leadership skills. He is a gifted social studies teacher in Federal Way and has coached football at Foss High School. He has traveled to China and Japan, two of Tacoma’s most important trading partners. He serves on the Washington State Council for the Social Studies.

John is determined and always gives his best effort. For example, he completed the Boston Marathon in 3.5 hours. As a responsible well-organized man, he still has time to be an attentive father and husband.

The people of Tacoma have the opportunity to elect a fair-minded thinker who cares about all the people of Tacoma. Tacomans can elect a responsible, motivated, intelligent, hard-working young man with the people skills to problem solve cooperatively and to move the city forward. John is a perfect fit for Tacoma’s Council Position 1.