Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: Vote to keep our initiative right

I urge all Tacoma voters to vote no on Tacoma’s flawed Charter Initiative No. 2.

Our government works well. The mayor and City Council are opposed to the proposed change to strong mayor.

Other flaws? It takes away our right to initiative and referendum, so this would be the last initiative ever proposed in Tacoma. Supporters say this was a mistake and that they’ll fix it by initiative. But of course, they won’t be able to.

The proposed charter takes away the Planning Commission and removes mention of our public library. These were not errors of omission; they crossed all of this out!

Currently, we each vote for a majority of our nine-member City Council (three at-large, one by district and mayor). This initiative proposes one fewer council members, and the mayor would no longer be a member of the council. So we would each only vote for three of seven council members, not a majority. This is not giving us more say in our government.

It expands term limits and does not define the length of the terms. Who would decide? Two months? Ten years? A lifetime?

This is more than a mistake. It is a crisis! Please vote no on Tacoma’s Initiative 2.