Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: Let's vote to fix city's streets

As an East Side resident, I very familiar with the deplorable condition of our city streets and sidewalks. Driving on our streets is like navigating an obstacle course. Not only do you have to avoid pedestrians and other cars, you also have to dodge potholes so as not to damage your vehicle.

Furthermore, the uneven sidewalks and crosswalks are tripping hazards for pedestrians,especially senior citizens.

Streets all over Tacoma are in this terrible state; it is impossible to ignore them. The problems with our streets are too numerous to fix without new revenue. We must invest in our roads if we want to maintain the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

The proposed package on the Nov. 3 ballot is a fair, responsible approach that holds our leaders accountable. I urge Tacoma voters to be a part of the solution and vote yes on both Propositions 3 and A. Together we can fix Tacoma streets.