Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Jeni Woock is the people's voice

Like many Gig Harbor residents, we’ve noticed a substantial increase in city traffic the past few years. We plan our trips to Uptown and Gig Harbor North to avoid the peak traffic periods.

While our schools use portables to handle overcrowding, new neighborhoods are being developed in areas where there is already traffic congestion. City Council candidate Jeni Woock believes we need to look at the supporting infrastructure before approving new businesses and developments. We should be addressing traffic concerns and require expanded downtown businesses to provide customer parking.

We’ve attended City Council meetings where public input seemed hopeless. When the council voted against 1,600 citizens who had signed a petition against multistory buildings along the waterfront, in favor of the five who requested the zoning change, people began asking Woock if she would consider running for City Council.

Her opponent said that if people wanted a view of the harbor they should buy it. Woock believes our beautiful harbor views belong to all of us.

Business and developer agendas seem to be well represented on our City Council. Woock promises to represent everyday citizens. This is why we are voting for her.