Letters to the Editor

COUNTY: Vote 'yes' to reject county building

Four members of the Pierce County Council want a new administration building. On Feb. 2 they said the cost of the building, for 30 years, would be $240 million. On Feb. 17 they approved a building with a cost of $294 million. The additional cost of maintenance will be $98 million. This plan does not save money.

The total 30-year debt is $391 million for a building that is too tall for the neighborhood, doesn’t have enough parking for visitors or employees, and is not a priority. It will be vacant on evenings and weekends, harming local businesses.

They want to pay for it by eliminating jobs. That is not enough to pay the yearly $12 million cost. Taxes will be diverted from programs we need. The health department will have to raise fees, re-allocate grant funds, cut staff positions and eliminate programs that are needed for the betterment of the citizens. All departments in the county will have to help fund the health department’s reduced rent.

We must go back to the drawing board and develop a better plan. We don’t need additional, unnecessary debt. On Referendum 2015-1, vote “yes” to reject the county’s flawed plan.