Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Steve Nixon perfect for PenMet Parks

Awesome neighbors are few and far between. We have been blessed with the best for the past fourteen years - our neighbor and candidate for PenMet Parks, Steve Nixon.

You might not think being an exceptional neighbor makes for a qualified candidate. I would argue differently. It is, in fact, the perfect qualification: committed, caring, engaged with a sense of community. That is how I know Steve Nixon.

A lifelong resident of Gig Harbor, Nixon and his family are committed in every way to the greater Gig Harbor peninsula. As Assistant Fire Chief for Gig Harbor Fire, Nixon dedicates every day of his life to making Gig Harbor safe. He does not hesitate to help outside his community as well – case in point, this past summer spending weeks fighting fires in Eastern Washington.

His countless volunteer hours coaching youth demonstrate his dedication to community, parks and progress with a qualified perspective on what we need in regional parks.

Steve Nixon is a dedicated dad, husband, friend and leader. PenMet Parks cannot go wrong with Steve Nixon – friend, firefighter, coach and leader. My vote is for Steve Nixon.