Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Ibsen represents citizens instead of insiders

Re: “Tacoma council race poses question: Is getting along part of the job?” (TNT, 10-15).

I was initially undecided in this council race. Ibsen seems like a nice guy who’s done some great things, but why are most of his colleagues so upset with him? This article removed any question in my mind: Ibsen is the only honest one there.

I was shocked at the petty and unprofessional comments Ibsen’s colleagues would openly make in a newspaper. In particular, council member Robert Thoms says he won’t work with Ibsen because “he’s not smart enough.” Didn’t Thoms make an ethics violation in his second month on the council? That doesn’t sound too smart to me.

I don’t want a council member who “plays golf and watches football” with these politicians. I want someone who fights for me and does the right thing. Anders Ibsen is that choice, and I will proudly vote for him.