Letters to the Editor

DEBATE: Don't buy into Democrats' same old story

While viewing the Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and the other so-called candidates, a profound feeling of deja vu emerged. Somewhere, I’ve heard this same political rhetoric before. Our country is buried in $19 trillion of debt, 46 million on food stamps, a fragile economy, a middle-class income falling and confidence in the government at a lowest point in history. The Democratic candidates have no solution but to increase taxes and continue massive spending. It’s the same old story, and the Democrats expect America to buy into it again.

The Democrats have raised their flag of S.O.S. - same old story. They are banking on the uninformed electorate to vote for bleeding-heart issues like gun control, the war on women and generous immigration to be their savior. Meanwhile, our country continues down a path of “tax and spend” destruction.

Is this the best the Democrats can offer with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? Hillary is a mouthpiece for Bill, and Bernie is a devoted Socialist. How far left can a political party get?

News flash: FDR is dead and so are liberal policies. It’s a new world and time has moved on. Perhaps the Democrats should as well.