Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Pat McElligott for East Pierce Fire and Rescue Commissioner Pos. 5

I don’t know about you, but I am so bored with empty promises, lack of leadership, and running on fumes in a budget. It is time for a change.

One of the last places we ever want to be short funds is in our EMS programs….and our current landscape ain’t pretty. Ron Scholz has not only run our district into a $1 million deficit, but he has failed to get levies passed and failed to build partnerships.

We need a fire commissioner whom we can feel safe with, who can understand and distinguish between the importance of personal relationships and political ones. Pat McElligott is the best choice for this. His dedication to his craft, his professionalism and his commitment to our safety and well-being are commendable.

Scholz, comparatively, spends his time ignoring a $1 million deficit, enjoying the benefits of a retired firefighter and attempting to take them away from current firefighters (who shoulder the costs), and casting a mysterious spell on the election signs for McElligott, causing them to “fall down” as his own amazingly continue standing. Nice integrity demonstration….

Make the right choice for us. Pat McElligott for East Pierce Fire and Rescue Commissioner Position 5!