Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Status quo not acceptable for UPSD Board

I am writing to endorse Annie Fitzsimmons in her election to the University Place School District Board of Directors. The News Tribune endorsed the two incumbents, Rick Maloney and Mary Lu Dickinson (who have each served for 20 years), stating that the “status quo is the best place to be.” My eight years of UPSD School Board service leads me to disagree with this logic.

For most of Patti Banks’ superintendency, the district has operated under the Policy Governance model, initiated by Maloney. This model entails setting policy and then promptly relinquishing control of implementation to the superintendent. As used in the UPSD, this model is counterproductive and ineffective. Having served on the board the last four years, Fitzsimmons knows firsthand that the board is merely a rubber stamp for the superintendent.

Fitzsimmons’ ideas are a breath of fresh air. She is an accomplished attorney who is passionate about implementing changes necessary for more responsive representation of University Place citizens. I strongly encourage voters to join me in supporting Annie Fitzsimmons, who will work to restore board leadership and accountability.