Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Gig Harbor needs progressive thinkers

I am voting for Al Abbott and Mike Perrow for Gig Harbor City Council. I wish I could vote a thousand times. Their opponents represent the old thinkers in my book. If elected, they will only add to gridlock, with inaction and obstructionism to almost any new idea. I am so darn tired of this.

There is a vocal “minority” in the city that seem to oppose anything that represents change. I am speaking of a relatively small group of “no growthers,” the old thinkers, that seem to feel that they have the right to dictate the rules for the rest of us. These folks, in my view, have an unrealistic view that the city of Gig Harbor shall have very little forward progress, very little of anything that represents change.

Gig Harbor really needs progressive thinkers, who acknowledge and understand that growth is coming to the Harbor, as many people are seeing that it is a very nice place to live. But, if managed properly, growth and change can add to the vitality and vibrancy of the city. The difference between who represents “yesterday” versus who represents “tomorrow.”

Voters take note.