Letters to the Editor

COUNTY: Building project misses the mark

I am an architect and like building projects. However, the proposed Pierce County General Services Building project misses the mark on so many points that I believe it really needs a “restart.” Our community deserves better.

Last fall, I was shocked by the location, the lack of true public involvement and the lack of connections to our emerging light rail transportation system for this project.

As the county ordinance and the developer documents were studied by other colleagues, the entire project just got more mystifying. The documents are not complete for a project of this magnitude and the cost savings presented are overstated, if even remotely possible. In fact, just the opposite appears more likely, that the costs are significantly higher than current obligations.

Our community has made a number of building project blunders over the last 60 years that were originally presented with great expectations but ultimately proved unfortunate. If built, this project could well end up near the top of the list.

We need to explore alternatives in scope, location and phasing, while engaging citizens from across the county.

Vote “yes” to reject Referendum 2015-1, and work together to find a solid long-term solution.