Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Puyallup needs Steve Vermillion

The News Tribune Editorial Board got it wrong on the Puyallup City Council at-large race. We need re-elect Steve Vermillion because he will fight for Puyallup’s taxpayers.

By the editorial board’s standards, it appears the most important quality for a council member is that they “go along to get along.” Decades of going along to get along got Puyallup over $100 million in debt. When some wanted to raise taxes to protect bureaucrats, Vermillion demanded the city find efficiencies and eliminate waste. When Pierce Transit wanted to reduce service to our area, Vermillion fought for us and got the new Community Connector Bus. If Vermillion had been polite and not wanted to anger anyone, our Historic Fish Hatchery would now be owned by a private business and would not be an educational resource for our children.

We don’t need another Kathy Turner protégé who cares more about being invited to the next cocktail garden party than protecting Puyallup’s taxpayers. We need Steve Vermillion fighting for us!