Letters to the Editor

INSURANCE: Why are we still funding Planned Parenthood?

My wife and I recently retired and, because my health insurance carrier wasn’t allowed to do business outside of California, we had to pick up our own coverage or per President Obama the IRS would be fining us. We are paying almost half of our retirement income for health insurance. Why? Because we are responsible and we don’t want the IRS on our tail.

I am confused when I read about Planned Parenthood and the money we taxpayers are giving them to fund cancer screenings, gynecological exams, birth control and other health services. Shouldn’t people using Planned Parenthood have their own insurance, or at least Obamacare? For instance, Hobby Lobby has been told to provide health insurance to employees, including birth control coverage, which goes against their religious beliefs. So, again, why are we why funding Planned Parenthood?

Maybe I don’t need to have my own policy. Maybe I can self insure for colds and use Planned Parenthood for cancer screenings and other health services, my wife can go there for her gynecological exams, and we could enjoy retirement a little more with more money in our pockets rather than spending it on our insurance policy.