Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: John Hines will be willing to listen

John Hines and I don’t agree on all things. But I respect him because he listens. He and I can have a conversation and at the end of it all, we’ve learned something from one another.

Unfortunately, there are those who make decisions for our city who don’t have these seemingly basic skills.

Instead of portraying himself as a rowdy firebrand, Hines gets the fact that you don’t need to be friends, but you need to work with fellow council members to be able to affect public policy.

Hines will bring maturity, insight and an honest level of respect to the council. He has excellent ideas and wants to accomplish

great things for District 1 and the entire city.

He understands that he’d be wasting everyone’s time if he tried to force-feed his own agenda. He understands others have ideas, too. He clearly understands the value of rapport.