Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Why we need to elect John Hines

Recently the City Council retained the current Tacoma Public Utilities director - with only one person dissenting. This was after all five members of the TPU board had also voted to retain the director and after the mayor and council had spent almost three months working out additional job goals for him.

Who was the one dissenting vote, the one who didn’t care that we have nationally recognized low-cost utility services in our community that other communities are envious of? Anders Ibsen.

Of course, when an elected official shows courage or wisdom by bucking his colleagues, we admire that official. But we all know people who just won’t get along with colleagues. When those people are politicians they almost always vote just to make a personal point - but not to make government work better for the people they represent.

We have them in Congress, and we have one on the City Council. Pandering to special interests doesn’t show courage or wisdom. When children continually “act out,” we give them a “time out.” Ibsen has earned a “time out” from the council.