Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Edgewood council races are critical

The Edgewood City Council races are critical to the direction the city takes after shifting to a strong mayor system. The League of Women Voters sponsored a candidate forum to help voters become informed. Four of six candidates invested their time and efforts engaging with the voters. I would like to thank Nathaniel Lowry, Luke Meyers, Mark Creley and Carolyn Trumbull for taking time to respond to questions from the voters.

I was appalled that Jamie Sargent and Ted Christie did not appear to face the voters. I can only read into their lack of participation that they do not respect input from voters or they are not conversant enough with the multitude of issues facing the new council to engage in meaningful dialogue.

In either case, I don’t believe they merit support from the voters. This is not a statement against what they believe, but a statement questioning their reliability as elected officials.

I recommend that Edgewood voters study the candidates in the voters guide to see who best represents their interests. Please be an informed Edgewood voter.