Letters to the Editor

BENGHAZI: Republicans are hounding Clinton

The Benghazi investigation has cost the American taxpayers more than $20 million. Thursday’s hearing alone lasted 11 hours!

It seems obvious to me that this so-called investigation pursued by the Republican Party is being done to destroy Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. I have been no fan of hers, but now I think the Republicans did her a favor.

Under terrible and many times rude, harsh questioning, Clinton remained calm and answered the questions (again) from the Benghazi Investigation Committee even though she was interrupted time and again, even harassed by the Republicans. She looked very presidential. The TV exposure didn’t even cost her campaign a cent.

The Republicans always talk against big government and reckless spending. Yet they used their time and our money for the same old rehash of Benghazi. Benghazi was tragic, but let.s pray it never happens again and that our government officials will start working together to make our country and this world better for everyone - the reason they were elected in the first place.