Letters to the Editor

BENGHAZI: Rude hearing was an embarrassment

The public has been a distant witness to the quagmire in Washington, D.C., having little firsthand knowledge or observation of our congressional leaders in action. We just know that they cannot get things done. But today I get it.

After an entire day of listening to the Benghazi committee’s questioning of Hilary Clinton, the American people can finally see the problem in D.C. What disrespectful people! I was embarrassed by the lack of common decency to their guest, and the implicit, demeaning and condescending oratory disguised as questions.

In fact, there was obviously more opinionated preaching than interviewing and questioning. There seems to be a need amongst these people to degrade and attack others because they think it gives them the upper hand. They treated Clinton like a whipping boy for their own ails, and we all witnessed it.

Voters need to send many of these people home, starting with the pompous Mike Pompeo from Kansas. No wonder government isn’t working.