Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: UPlace has been well served by Maloney

The race between Rick Maloney and Annie Fitzsimmons for a University Place School Board position demonstrates two sides of politics: One side has experience and results, and on the other side has emotional anecdotes.

Maloney has 20 years of school board service and has helped the district outperform any other in Pierce County. His experience has helped the board get recognition from the Washington State School Directors Association as a “School Board of Distinction” in 2011, 2013 and 2014 - and “School Board of the Year” in 2014!

A significant point is the district’s narrowing achievement gap while Maloney has served. This is a major accomplishment in any district. His campaign has focused on accomplishments and data highlighting the success of our schools.

Fitzsimmons uses language to stir emotions, is against the “status quo,” and appeals that she will help the board “be the voice of its constituents.” She implies that the current board “lacks accountability and community responsiveness.” We need facts, not hype language and political sound bites.

Fitzsimmons has had four years to make her changes, but Maloney has had 20 years of success and positive results for our children.