Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: Too many drivers ignore pedestrians

Re: “Time to get serious about crosswalk safety in Tacoma” (Matt Driscoll column, 10-22).

It is shocking that schoolchildren are injured, but we all are targets at risk. I avoid walking across the intersection of Sixth and Jackson avenues, a block from the Geiger Montessori School. There are signals, crosswalks and “Walk/Don’t walk” signs, but too many drivers seem to take no notice of pedestrians observing the rules.

When I moved here, I was delighted to find a library nearby, one I could walk to. Now I drive; that intersection is just too dangerous for a pedestrian. Drivers who observe rules for other cars seem not to notice those of us on foot.

Sixth and Jackson is not the only problem. One day I tried to cross Sixth at Skyline Drive, opposite the library, again observing crosswalk and lights. A car coming out of Skyline and making a left turn onto Sixth charged straight toward me. I shouted and threw out my arms. The driver swerved just in time but looked annoyed: What was I doing in the street?

It is time for pedestrian awareness. Pedestrians are people.