Letters to the Editor

GOP: Conservatives wandering in the dark

Re: “The Republicans’ incompetence caucus” (David Brooks column, 10-13).

Brooks is amusingly contorted in his ongoing struggle for some semblance of sense in the tattered remains of conservative dogma. He bemoans the utter dysfunction of his own Republicans but grossly errs when projecting an equal maladjustment upon the opposite “extreme” (i.e., the liberals). He mourns for the happy days when the “center” ruled, when individualism and materialism were better controlled, and when capitalism had its “moral swagger.”

Moderation? Less materialism? Less individualism? Capitalism as a moral force? Decent distribution of wealth? All as championed by the conservatives? Huh?

Conservatives have stampeded like manic buffaloes in the opposite direction of these concepts, certainly since the “Reagan Revolution,” during which the mantra of “Greed is Good” was encoded as official Republican ethical orientation.

Many Americans and much of the rest of the world have recognized the toxicity of these conservative beliefs. Brooks idiotically posits that capitalism’s mistake was not “doubling down.” Conservative-style capitalism most certainly has “doubled down,” and the results are catastrophic.

Only “spirituality” (not religion, mind you) can now save us, he concludes. Spirituality? As in “love one another?” Brooks can’t see he is actually pointing not toward the center but that opposite “extreme,” liberalism, as the answer.