Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Robin Farris best choice for Puyallup

We believe that Robin Farris is the best choice for Puyallup City Council District 1. As a veteran, she sacrificed to serve her country. She achieved the grade of E-7 in eight years and was awarded a direct commission from the enlisted ranks.

Farris was the first woman to serve on the USS Blue Ridge and retired as a lieutenant commander. She further has a bachelor’s and two master’s degrees . She devoted 10 months working on the campaign to recall Dale Washam and spent another four years in ligation, ending this April. Remarkable accomplishments.

We have come to know her as a person with utmost integrity, a decision maker who gathers information, seeks input, listens and works hard to find creative and practical solutions to problems and issues that benefit the greatest number of people.

She will work hard for her constituents to make sure they have community that is safe, healthy, rich in heritage and focused on quality of life. She will make it her top priority to serve as a council member.