Letters to the Editor

COUNTY: Pick Krantz for charter review commission

This year’s Pierce County Charter Review Commission races are critically important for anyone concerned about the troubling state of citizens’ rights and lawmakers’ responsibilities.

In the Council District 7 race between Beckie Krantz and Katie Baird, Krantz is the better choice. Baird has publicly stated that she does not believe it is good policy to require a two-thirds majority for raising county revenue. Her opinion puts her at odds with most voters in her district who, along with a majority of state voters, approved five statewide initiatives mandating a two-thirds vote for legislators to raise taxes.

Krantz earned her undergraduate and law school degrees with high honors. She has served several terms on both the Pierce County Land Use and Tacoma Narrows Airport Advisory commissions, honing leadership and collaboration skills which are vital to the charter review board’s task.

Krantz’s record of supporting accountable, transparent governance makes her the obvious choice in this race.