Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Tom McCarthy is progressive, independent

I have lived and worked as a college and community college instructor and grant writer in Tacoma since the early 1970s. I have known Tom McCarthy for several years. He has my complete respect.

I unreservedly support Tom McCarthy’s candidacy for City Council Position 3 because he is the best candidate for the job.

Recently, he was grossly vilified in The News Tribune and with a hit piece from Tacoma’s biggest corporations - and I know why. He is an independent candidate with strong, progressive credentials. The chamber business PAC has contributed almost $15,000 to his opponent, Keith Blocker, an unprecedented sum in such a local campaign.

McCarthy is the candidate for working families and, like the late Father Bill Bichsel, he is not afraid to go to jail for his principles and for our free speech rights. If he will put himself on the line for our Constitution, you can bet that he will for working stiffs, our seniors and our children.

If you are tired of politics as usual and our stagnant economy, join me in marking your ballot for Tom McCarthy.