Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Woock will be people's voice in GHarbor

Jeni Woock and Michael Perrow have provided voters a clear distinction in their Gig Harbor City Council race.

Woock has been a successful small businesswoman who knows what it takes for Gig Harbor to flourish. But she opposes rapid development that continues to outpace infrastructure like schools and roads or diminishes the historic character of our town.

I attended the candidates’ debate recently to inform my vote.

Woock was poised, polished, professional and prepared. For each question, she provided thoughtful answers that focused on the issue. How? By months of doorbelling listening to folks about what they want when she is elected. She wants to mobilize the voice of the people.

Conversely, Perrow is mobilizing the old guard political machinery. His answers provided no insight to his platform, but mostly reiterated his endorsements. I am discouraged by his pro-development, anti-preservation voting record.

The voice of the people vs. the choice of the politicians. Think about it while you are stuck in traffic.