Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Ibsen deserves re-election to Tacoma council

I support the re-election of Anders Ibsen to the District 1 position on the Tacoma City Council.

Ibsen has earned a reputation as someone who is very responsive to constituents. It does not take him long to respond to phone messages or e-mails. That is an important characteristic to have in a local elected official.

Most of the council members have endorsed the challenger in the race, John Hines. The Tacoma/Pierce County Chamber of Commerce has spent significant amounts of money opposing Ibsen in this campaign.

Hines had been running for an at-large on the council before abruptly changing his mind at the last minute and filing against Ibsen. I find this troubling, as it suggests a behind-the-scenes effort to have Hines remove Ibsen. Typical Tacoma politics.

I am voting for who I want to represent me at city hall, not who the chamber or other council members want.