Letters to the Editor

TRAFFIC: Patrol staffing hurts response time

I feel that authorities and experts are missing an important contributor to Interstate 5 congestion. The morbid condition that the Washington State Patrol currently finds itself in due to its recruitment and retention crisis is as much a factor as any of the possible causes listed in the article.

When a blocking vehicle collision in the Fife area has several lanes closed for an extended time, and the closest available trooper is responding from the Joint Base Lewis-McChord area or from the Gig Harbor area, doesn’t this impact our commute times?

Our leaders should be studying the WSP’s response times to these types of blocking incidents. I think they would be shocked to see what they actually are.

An insufficient number of troopers working a major urban corridor, already challenged by other factors, is what really is affecting the daily commute, which in turn is affecting the overall quality of our lives.