Letters to the Editor

PUYALLUP: Community group supports school bond

The Summit-Waller Community Association endorses the Puyallup School District’s $292.5 million bond issue before the voters, and encourages a “yes” vote on the issue.

Student overcrowding in the district has reached a crisis point and needs to be addressed now, especially at the elementary level. With a tax rate increase of just two cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation, this bond issue is a bargain in the effort to ease overcrowding in a school district that is bursting at the seams in several schools around the district.

The school district and its voters are at a major crossroads in Puyallup’s ability to provide a quality education to the district’s students. Since “bond” means “to build” in education election lingo, the money generated from this bond effort will go to building more classroom space.

Please mail in your ballots by Tuesday and assist the eighth-largest school district in the state to educate as many of our children as possible in non-portable classrooms.

(Volland is president of the Summit-Waller Community Association.)