Letters to the Editor

LINDQUIST: County Council should help actual victims

The Pierce County Council doubled the indemnification caps for county attorneys involved in disciplinary hearings. This benefits Prosecutor Mark Lindquist and six prosecutors defending against bar complaints. The new ordinance, however, allows for an individual’s indemnification to be raised upon request.

The prosecutors wanted an open-ended blank check. Instead they received what appears to be an open-ended blank check to be done in increments.

The whistleblower investigator found the Sexual Assault Unit was instructed to ignore sheriff’s Deputy Glenda Nissen’s part in the investigation. She was the detective assigned to the SAU. The damage this caused is incalculable. The head of the unit thought the restriction put their cases and victims at risk. The limitations place upon Nissen were unlike any previously placed upon a police officer.

Nissen’s uncharged cases should be reviewed by another county prosecutor to determine if charges should be filed. The council should set up a fund to compensate the victims of abuse denied justice because of Lindquist’s retaliation against Nissen.

The council had no obligation to provide additional funding. It was a gift of public funds. The council’s largesse should be extended to the victims Lindquist’s vindictiveness denied justice, or it should no longer be freely given.