Letters to the Editor

BENGHAZI: Letter writer's facts are fleeting

Re: “Liberal media ignore the real story” (letter, 11-1).

The writer fills his opinion with innuendo, myth and hyperbole about Hillary Clinton and Benghazi. Here are a few facts the writer conveniently omits.

Clinton has taken full responsibility. There have been 10 congressional committees participating in this investigation. There have been 32 congressional hearings, public and private, 204 witness appearances before House and Senate committees, 11 published reports, 50 hearings, briefings and interviews by the Department of Defense, 29 recommendations, and $20 million spent so far and still counting.

The results so far: zero evidence of administration wrongdoing, zero evidence of intelligence failure and zero evidence of a stand- down order. By the way, these are the results of Republican-led committee investigations.

The writer says numerous studies have shown the media to be liberal but references none.

Had the writer read the proceeding page to his opinion he would have read this by ultra-conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer: “Skip the feckless investigations and win the election.”

As the great statesman Daniel Moynihan so correctly said: “Everyone is entitled to his opinion, but not his own facts.”