Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: Don't add bike lanes to N. 21st St.

Re: Tacoma’s North 21st Street on the cusp of big changes” (TNT, 11-2).

If removal of the towers along North 21st Street will allow for improvement of this busy street, then I endorse the idea.

However, the addition of lanes for the exclusive use of bicycle riders would be inefficient and wasteful and “benefit” an insignificant portion of the city’s population at the expense of restricting automobile traffic. (And don’t give me that “we pay taxes, too” argument. If you want to use the streets, then do so on a licensed vehicle.)

My advice to city traffic planners is to devote time observing utilization of the existing bike lanes along North 21st. For whatever reason, bike lanes are mostly empty and unused. Maybe because it rains here. A lot.

Just because the leaders of the city to the north think that bike lanes are cool and progressive shouldn’t require us to follow suit. Come on, Tacoma, this adolescent envy of Seattle is embarrassing.