Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: More stories about Gertie's demise

Re: “When Gertie galloped into history” (TNT, 11-1).

The News Tribune got one of its greatest scoops ever with its same-day coverage of the collapse of Galloping Gertie on Nov. 7, 1940. There are many stories about Gertie’s demise, including those related last Sunday in the TNT. Another notable one is about the insurance agent who fraudulently pocketed the premiums on a $800,000 policy for the bridge. He spend two years in prison as a result.

The Tacoma Historical Society’s current museum exhibit, “Spanning Tacoma,” features artifacts and stories about Gertie, the two bridges built later to span the Tacoma Narrows and many of the other city bridges (there are 34 at last count). Never-before-seen film of Gertie’s construction is also being shown at the museum. The museum features, as well, the story of the successful restoration of the Murray Morgan Bridge and the role the Tacoma Historical Society played in that effort.

The Tacoma Historical Society Museum is located at 919 Pacific Ave. and is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The museum includes a retail store, many of Tacoma’s newspapers going back to the 1880s and an extensive city archival collection. There is no admission charge.