Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: End racetrack of North 21st Street

Re: Tacoma’s Noth 21st Street on the cusp of big changes” (TNT, 11-2).

Make North 21st one lane each direction to stop this mayhem. I have lived on the North 21st freeway since 1974, and it’s always been a 24-hour race-and-wreck track both directions.

Drivers race and rage from Pearl to Orchard to Stevens to Proctor to get ahead. I hear and see the crashes and remnants often. I have witnessed many drivers racing clear from the Narrows Bridge to Proctor. Children get run over, and lives are ruined.

This can’t continue. It’s so dangerous we never get any children trick or treating. We have already heard the racers crying about losing their racetrack to the bicycles.

Dear racers, that’s not the point. North 21st is too dangerous for everyone. The only way to stop the mayhem is one lane each direction from Pearl to Proctor so the side-by-side racing from every traffic light stops.