Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: Good reason few cyclists use N. 21st

Re: “Don’t add bike lanes to North 21st Street” (letter, 11-3).

The letter regarding improvements for bicycle riders notes that the present bike lane is mostly empty. That’s because the existing lane only runs from North Alder Street west to North Union Avenue, leaving no bicycle connectivity to downtown or west to the Narrows bridge area.

Between Proctor and Pearl streets is a “death zone “ for any bicyclist as there is no shoulder. There are two narrow lanes each way with a curb and no shoulder and high-speed traffic. Even pedestrians are at risk.

Reconfiguring this section has nothing to do with adolescence, as I am 72 years of age and ride from my home in Gig Harbor to the Proctor District a few times each week year round, but have to navigate the narrow 26th Street route to reach there from the Narrows Bridge.

Improving this outdated section of 21st Street North is a good idea.