Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: Learn from success of Mason trail

Re: Tacoma’s North 21st Street on the cusp of big changes” (TNT, 11-2).

I applaud the city’s review of the streets and median areas on North 21st between Proctor and Pearl streets. Between these two streets is the Mason Avenue asphalt trail. This is a 20-year success story of community involvement and multi-use by bikes, joggers, baby carriages and school kids.

The trail is 6 feet wide with a similar median strip used as a buffer. It winds through the treescape for a mile. Asphalt paths are inexpensive compared to alternatives. A city inside bond and North End Neighborhood Council funding approvals were used to develop the Mason trail.

A suggestion to all decision makers on the future of 21st Street neighborhood improvements: Drive by or walk the Mason trail from North 11th to North 27th and take the best from this current success. I have lived on Mason for 20 years enjoying the trail daily.