Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: Please add bike lanes to N. 21st Street

Re: “Don’t add bike lanes to North 21st Street” (letter, 11-4).

I am not a bike rider, but I know many Tacomans who do ride - including my adult son. Creating lanes for these riders has nothing to do with being “cool and progressive” and “following suit” with Seattle. It has to do with safety.

The letter writer suggests that only licensed vehicles be allowed on the streets. I doubt that he would have these cyclists ride on the sidewalks. (In fact I believe it may be illegal.)

Hundreds of riders are on our city streets at all times of the year. I appreciate their skill and bravery dealing with our traffic. The added bike lanes make me, as a car driver, feel more comfortable since I don’t have to veer into the opposite lane to pass a rider. And I’m sure riders feel more secure as well.

We are trying to encourage the use of alternate forms of transportation. Shouldn’t we be making it easier for bike riders rather than more difficult?