Letters to the Editor

COUNTY: Council needs to hit the restart button

The people of Pierce County have spoken concerning the proposed general services building and resoundingly rejected this idea because every aspect of the plan was fatally flawed.

Properly engaging the public could have avoided this referendum. The taxpayer-funded lawsuit intending to stop the referendum was an attempt to stop the petition process and suppress the vote of the same people they swore to serve. Voters must remember this conduct.

We need future leaders who will work tirelessly to engage all the people as Pierce County grows. The idea of burdening this county with debt while ignoring the voice of the people is inexcusable.

Council members who voted for this building, knowing the plan was flawed, have violated their fiduciary responsibilities to their constituents. I’m glad we live in a county with a home rule charter where citizens have the right to referendum and challenge bad decisions.

The election results will surly embolden others to keep a close eye on county government and continue to remind our elected officials that we are watching. The County Council now needs to hit the restart button with a public process that considers all options to achieve the goal of appropriate facility management.