Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: Keep street as east-west thoroughfare

I knew as soon as the towers on North 21st Street were being replaced that bike lanes would be proposed.

Maybe the street racing is due to lack of police and not having four lanes. Maybe the high rate of accidents is due to the existing tower legs making terrible left turn lanes with limited visibility. The same applies to crosswalks. It might also have to do with the narrow lanes themselves.

We just established bike lanes five blocks away on North 26th Street. This included new striping around Pearl Street that looks like an aircraft runway. North 26th connects to the Narrows Bridge on a graceful path of already established bike lanes.

When Sixth Avenue was reduced from four lanes, it made it a challenge to make a left turn because instead a group of two cars five deep we get a long line of 10.

Please keep four lanes with proper turn lanes and crosswalks. Let’s preserve the last four-lane east-west route in North Tacoma.