Letters to the Editor

CARSON: Crackpot beliefs scary in presidential candidate

Thank you for printing the article on how the idea began that Egyptian pyramids were Joseph’s granaries (TNT, 11-9).

I previously encountered this legend in “Mandeville’s Travels.” This medieval book starts as a guide to pilgrimage routes to the Holy Land but swerves into wonder tales about griffons, giants and dog-headed cannibals. But back then in Europe, who knew?

Modern people have no excuse. Ben Carson still believes the story about the pyramids as granaries. Does he also believe in dog-headed cannibals?

Okay, that was snarky; electing a president is serious. But a candidate who is this out of touch with reality is serious, too. See, one of the most basic facts about the pyramids is they aren’t hollow. They are mostly solid masonry. Even the Great Pyramid has only a few rooms and passages. They can hold a mummy. They can’t hold years’ worth of grain.

This isn’t complicated. You don’t need to be an expert. Either Carson is ridiculously ignorant beyond his specialty (and doesn’t want to learn), or he is completely bugnuts. And some people want to put him in charge of America’s nuclear arsenal?