Letters to the Editor

Mental health: System ties parents' hands

I hear over and over again the frustration and heartbreak from parents who have a child with a mental health issue and how incredibly frustrating it is for them to not be able to get their child the help they need.

Not only do we not have enough psychiatric beds available for minors, our hands as parents remain tied when it comes to getting a child help. If the child refuses treatment, parents are forced to take their child to Oregon to get them the treatment they need because the laws in this state prevent parents from forcing the treatment issue if the child does not agree.

These children are often not in their right mind when they are making the decision to refuse treatment. They often are so delusional that they are not at all in touch with reality.

How can we allow them to make such an important decision with regard to their life? Basically, we are allowing them to sign their own death warrant.

Somebody in state government needs to step up to the plate. Give parents back their right to make lifesaving medical decisions for their child. People with mental illness matter!