Letters to the Editor

Debate: Another melodrama to entertain the masses

I don’t particularly like the Republican debates. Ted Cruz made a good point when he called out the moderators for their inane line of questions. An article in The News Tribune (11-10) gave “4 things to watch in tonight’s crucial Republican debate.”


Those four things in this “crucial” debate: “Can Rubio take more hits? Can Carson keep cool? Will Trump be bombastic or reasonable? Can anyone new break out of the pack?”

I’m confused. This was a debate to eventually select a nominee for president of the United States? Rather, it appears to be yet another melodramatic soap opera to entertain the masses.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it might be relevant to ask these contenders where they stand on the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling. Or how about whether or not they believe ever-growing income inequality in our country is of concern and, if so, what might they do about it if elected. And so much more!

I, for one, do not like that pervasive and mindless pop culture entertainment has become an integral part of our process to choose a president. How can anyone disagree with Ted Cruz’s depiction of media coverage of these debates?