Letters to the Editor

War: It's about money, not religion

I am wintering in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim nation in the world, a green and unstressed land of harmony and family values, with little crime or violence, the antithesis of our own society. And nobody is shooting each other either.

Our political, military and corporate elite with their captive press lie. They want us to believe that these endless wars are about religion. They are not. They are about oil and money, natural gas and money, pipelines and access and money.

If they were really about religion, then why is the most brutal and oppressive Muslim country in the world our chief ally? These elites rely upon the fact that most Americans can’t be bothered to inform themselves about the real facts.

We invade and occupy their lands using the most modern technology of terror, bombs, drones and superior firepower. Our enemies, militarily weak, respond asymmetrically with spectacular and horrendous atrocities chosen to gain attention and supporters. The casualties are asymmetric also, ours in the hundreds, theirs in the millions.

Meanwhile, ordinary people caught in the middle flood out, seeking any port in a storm to save themselves and their families.

Nothing to see here, folks.