Letters to the Editor

Guns: Increase tax on weapons and ammo

The more mass shootings we have, the more guns we sell. We can wish Americans acted differently but they won't. We're four-square behind the vicious circle.

So let's bow to the inevitable. Forget gun control. Reach instead for our financial weapons: taxes.

Let's levy a 10 percent federal excise tax on all sales of guns and ammunition and 25 percent on all assault-style rifles and their ammo. States can weigh in on top of that.

The NRA should be in favor of this. Why? It claims that guns aren't the problem, mental health is. Call its bluff. Dedicate the entire taxation of weapons to mental health.

And now we'll have a virtuous circle. The paranoid will have a chance to pay for their own treatment. They can dress up in bandoliers and pose in front of mirrors and know that they are helping people.