Letters to the Editor

Terror: Americans have a right to feel frightened

In November, a Bloomberg Politics Poll and a WAPO/ABC Poll found a majority of Americans (53 and 54 percent respectively) oppose admitting additional Syrian refugees. A new CNN/ORC Poll (before the San Bernardino massacre) showed 61 percent oppose President Obama’s refugee program.

Thirty-one governors have sided with their citizens, citing safety, security and inadequate background checks. House Republicans have called for a pause in the refugee program.

Liberals have disparaged those with deep concerns about taking in more Syrian refugees stating that it’s an un-American, fearmongering, silly, cruel, bigoted, xenophobic and a knee-jerk reaction against everything the president proposes.

These people should get off their self-righteous high horse. The American people have a right to feel frightened, especially after the San Bernardino shootings.

President Obama told us that 98 percent of the Syrian refugees are women, children and older men. Women have been used as shooters and suicide bombers for years.

Rather than pushing gun control and worrying about anti-Muslim violence, which is virtually non-existent, the president’s top priority should be protecting the American people and keeping us safe.