Letters to the Editor

Tacoma: Racist rule no longer in effect

Re: “Tacoma council denies Narrowmoor special zone” (12-3).

I might remind Mayor Marilyn Strickland, the City Council and readers that the Narrowmoor covenants were written 68 years ago, and their main purpose was to preserve the panoramic views. The one term that was brought up in council was line F, regarding ethnicity of people within the neighborhood.

That term was stated to be removed by a Superior Court judge in 1983 in a case about protecting views. It was deleted at that time and had not been enforced long before then.

We are very proud of our diverse neighborhood. To think of us as racist with prejudice in 2015 is most unfair and inaccurate.

Regarding increased density of homes: Our homes are situated in the middle of our lots, as per the covenants. The only way increased density is accomplished here is to destroy existing homes and subdivide lots. Adding density would destroy the views and character.

This decision has damaged the same people the council purports to be protecting, as our Japanese, African American and Muslim neighbors are subject to the same development.

This is about tax dollars. Twice the homes means twice the property taxes. Greed is driving the council, not wrong or right.