Letters to the Editor

Guns: Why not outlaw forks and spoons?

Re: “Increase tax on weapons and ammo” (letter, 12-8).

Lets start adding more tax to cars and outlawing forks and spoons. These items are causing mass deaths. Cars cause deaths and disabilities, and forks and spoons cause obesity.

Whatever happened to people being responsible for their actions? Where is the deterrence with the laws we have? The death penalty is rarely carried out. We think we can rehabilitate criminals. People disobey the laws we currently have and think it doesn’t apply to them.

Think about what your responsibilities are and obey the laws. I have used weapons and have yet to kill anyone. I take responsibility for my actions. I don’t use my cellphone while driving, obey traffic laws and eat responsibly.

Lets play Chicken Little and tax things that scare us, because we don’t want to be responsible.