Letters to the Editor

Guns: Weapon may have saved mother

Re: “Why resistance to common sense?” (letter,12-9).

The letter writer is absolutely correct: People without guns don’t ever use guns to kill. Ask my Mom.

Some years ago in Montana, my stepdad was working the night shift. Mom was home alone. The phone rang, and a man told her he was going to come over and do some horrible things to her.

Thinking it was just a prank call, she went to bed. A while later someone was trying to kick the back door in. There was no time to call 911. Grabbing a gun, she shot through the door.

When the police arrived, they found a blood trail outside in the snow. Obviously she stopped the threat. Without the gun who knows what would have happened to her?

Yes, people without guns never kill. But they do have a better chance of becoming a victim.

Also, telling someone how much ammo they can have is akin to telling them how much money or property they can have. It is not American.