Letters to the Editor

Lindquist: Stop hit-piece coverage

My husband, Jim, and I have always been supporters of The News Tribune. We have been subscribers for decades. Our boomerang millennial daughter, working and going to school full time, is also a TNT reader.

When my daughter saw your headline: “Lindquist recall needs support”, she asked, “They can’t do that, can they? Why isn’t that on the opinion page?”

I had no answer. I was appalled that the TNT had sunk so low in your coverage of Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist’s legal plight.

I haven’t heard a single negative word from my family or friends about Lindquist. I have heard plenty from many bemoaning the fact that your paper is repeatedly reading like a political hit piece.

I believe that the TNT needs to report your headline as an in-kind donation to the Recall of Mark Lindquist campaign.

For the integrity of your newspaper, for retaining the respect of the students and young professionals who read your paper, please drop your “hit piece” coverage and allow readers to have access to more important issues.

Taking the high road might actually be the thing that sells more papers.

(Editor’s note: In her column Sunday, Executive Editor Karen Peterson addressed the writer’s concern. Here is what she wrote:)

A teaser on the front of Wednesday’s paper, describing a story inside, said, “The effort to recall Prosecutor Mark Lindquist is in need of funding and backers.”

The headline over that teaser, “Lindquist recall needs support,” accurately reflected the story, but was interpreted by some readers as The News Tribune suggesting readers support the recall.

That was not our intent, but it’s obvious the headline could take a second meaning.

Editors face the challenges of tight deadlines and tiny column space when crafting our headlines, but we should have been more careful with this one.