Letters to the Editor

Islam: Demagoguery just what ISIS wants

Oh, how ISIS must rejoice. America is divided in Congress, and now we are starting to blackball Muslims - just what ISIS is working toward.

The Islamic State can now rightfully claim that we hate Muslims and hope that this Islamophobia will divide us further and make us more dysfunctional as a country, thus enabling it to start more terrorist cells here.

We are geographically blessed with an ocean on two sides, a friendly neighbor up north and a 2,000-mile border to the south which can be monitored, although with problems. Thus we are relatively safe from invasions, short of a catastrophic war. But we sure can be destroyed from within. And we are doing a pretty good job so far with that.

Donald Trump, with his megalomaniac desire to stay in the spotlight and his demagogic fanning of fear reminiscent of Hitler’s attacks on Bolsheviks and Jews before World War II, contributes to this movement. Hitler was legitimately voted in. Well, we all know what happened then in Germany.